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How do you set project goals. How do you monitor progress for the goals

Topic 1- How to set Project goals:-
Ans -We as humans, each will have different passions, thinking as well as goals but if we work for an organization, we all should work on the same page or roadmap . For that there should be some rules and vision and work role which everyone has to follow to reach the same roadmap.

I as a BA has to keep my whole team intact and be on the same page. So we as a team have to be clear on our project goals so that we can make our strategies accordingly for the project. It is very much important to identify the goals in order to to provide solution to the clients.
Do the Gap analysis which will tell you the past and present scene for the company.Be realistic on time and numbers.This will help you in achieving the goals.
Break your goals in smaller parts so that it will be easier to achieve for you as a business owner and for your team as well and plus Effective and efficient solution gets provided to the client.
As a Business owner , one should make an effective team of architects, developers, testers , scrum master etc.
After identifying your goals , team has to be specific and realistic on how to achieve the goals , like what strategies would be used in order to avail it and very much realistic on terms of achievable numbers and Time . During this process , one should use the strengths of each team member .
Team should discuss about the findings everyday within the team and must take past learnings in order to remove the issue. As a BA , one must decide which work gets assigned to wich team member according to their strengths and weakness.
We as a Team, need to be time bounded in order to attain the goals. Assign the work in within the team and set a time according to their work .
As a Project manager, one should have a track on quality of work being done on time hassle free and nobody in the team is in confusion

How do you monitor the progress of goals-
In order to attain the goals , as a Project manager , he should be very attentive in monitoring the project progress, team performance, individual performance , cost, Quality of work done and the foremost time specific.
As a team, everyone has to be on the same page with your stakeholder requirements.Every team member has to be clear on their work role assigned . As a PM, you need to monitor everyone.
As a PM , you need to assign work role for everyone in the team and assign a time for each work role in the team . Time estimation keeps the team very high on motivation and zeal to work on time.
Time tracking is very much important for each team members . For this Gaantt chart is being used in the industry .
Task tracking is foremost important here because it helps in bug fixing .For this Kanban is being used in the market. Priotize your task according to their importance .
Budget tracking should be done continuously . As a PM , he should track the cost so that it wont overrun.
Finally analyze the results

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