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How do you set project goal?

Project goals are set at the initial stage when we receive the project from the client. We set a goal for the project to get a desired output of what we had thought and dreamed of. Planning and designing your project goals and objectives are necessary for the success of the project. All the team members should understand and be aware of the project goals.

To set your goals for the project you need to follow set of guidelines or procedure so that you will able to accomplish the project in an effective way.

1. Identify and list your goals

The very first step you need to do is identification of project goals. Understand duly the expectations of client or customers. List down the points which are most important for the project. Everyone in the team should have an open discussion, exchange of ideas, thoughts for deciding the goals and outcomes of the project concluding it and noting down at the same time. The clients, project manager and all the team members should be on the same page while working of the project is going on.

2. Define your goals

The second step is to define your goals. Defining and setting goals always keep you enthusiastic and alert while working towards your project. You will come across various methods/approaches to define your goals, but SMART approach will help you achieve your goals in fruitful way. Project goals should be tangible deliverables or intangible milestones, but they should always be SMART.

SMART indicates: S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Realistic, T – Time bound.

3. Create an actionable plan

An actionable plan helps you to achieve your goals in an organized way. It is proper way to reach towards your goals and keep your project team on target.

  • Select the team members who you think would be perfect choice for the project.
  • Allocating tasks to each member and keeping track of their activity.
  • Prioritized all the task.
  • Making sure all the resources required for the project are available.
  • Assign a due date for every member for their tasks.
  • Set a deadline for the project to be delivered to the client.
  • Monitor and revise your project action plan.

How do you monitor the progress of goals?

Monitoring the progress of project goals is like evaluating or checking the project where it has reached, how many tasks are being pending or completed, how much progress is being made till now, are we going in a right track according to the action plan set. Project manager should keep a check on the progress of the project and ensure that the project is project is in right track or not.

Monitoring the progress of goals is important process between setting an action plan and achieving the success of project. Timely meeting needs to conducted daily or once in a week, so that all the team members get a chance to interact with each other about working of the project along with the team lead, project manager. Also, note any challenges faced in the project or any insufficient resources. Timesheets can also be prepared to keep the track of daily work done by the team members. Client/Stakeholders and project team meeting should be conducted once in a week so that the client also come to know the progress of the project goals. In this way we can be able to build the client relationship this in turn will develop loyalty and faith towards company.

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