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How do you monitor the progress of goals?

To achieve success in any part of life may it be personal goals, professional goals, community goals, business goals etc. It is as important to track the progress of the goals as important it is to define the goals.


Monitoring the goals is an important aspect of success to achieve any goal or needs. As monitoring the goals provides a real time progress report and understanding of  where we are now and what efforts are required to achieve the goals. In software development process the goals and requirements are tracked by using different techniques at different levels.


There are also challenges associated with the monitoring of the goals in a software development process such as lack of documentation and unplanned projects, lack of communication, lack of availability of tools and software’s to track the progress etc..


Some of the effective and proven ideas to track the goals of a project are as follows:-


Making it a team effort:-

Everyone in a team is working toward a same project also dreams of successful project completion. By making the team to distribute work and ask them to assess the progress of a particular task or goal they have to monitor.


Utilization of tools:-

Utilization of tools and soft wares suitable of that task is more important as it provides the needs reports and numbers to track the project.


Establishing goals:-

It is important to establish goals and set benchmarks so that it helps in tracking the progress. This is ensuring the team to understand what success will look like.



Making the projects progress visible to the team will ensure the team to understand where we stand now and where we have to be to successfully achieve the goal. This will ensure in a better planning of tasks to ensure goals are completed on time.



Regular reviewing of the goals is an important aspect of achieving the goal, as regular reviews helps us to understand the velocity of the team and to check how team is performing and will also help to take any corrective measures if required.

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