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How do you keep yourself updated about the latest business trends and knowledge?

Well in todays, fast moving world, it very difficult for us to keep yourself updated. When it comes to working professionals, it most important task to know what is going on in the business and in the market. As we know there is daily something new coming up which has to red and followed.

I feel I keep myself updated by communicating. Only by communicating with others we can get a lot of knowledge Staying well informed about the market trends can also improve our communication skills and credibility to succeed in or current job.

Also, along with the communication our network or we can say the people we are connected with plays a very important role to keep yourself updated. Building networking relationship on right platform with right people can also increase our knowledge. We can interact with them over social media or forums and can gather the most relevant information.

Along with networking, we can always rea the journals, articles, feeds, new papers etc. In older era people use to read a lot just to gather information. Today we have so many things from which we can gather information, like Videos, blogs, mobile app, General awareness sessions.

When it comes to television I am not a big fan of what we can an “IDIOT BOX”. Bu in a right way we can also leverage television for our knowledge. There are so many channels which only broadcast general knowledge things News channels which we can listen to. It can be used to increase our business, political, economic development.

We can also use todays latest trend which is social media. It is very powerful and effective way to e in constant touch. Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger etc. one can get huge amount of information.

We can also use SEO (Search engine optimization). Every other person googles every little thing just to know the answers they are searching for. We can use SEO to search your industry terms and keywords.

While being in sales I am constantly in touch with my customer. So engaging with them is also a good way to get knowledge about the industry pain points and the growing your relation with the customer in a good way.

They say we should always keep an eye on or competitors that we learn from our own mistakes and their mistakes as well. Mistakes help to understand what went wrong and what we can do in better way. In that way we can again gain knowledge in working to get better daily.

Along with all of these things we should always think out of the box, that way we are asking our brains to constantly think the innovative ideas and the question to ask why this? why that? By asking these questions we can not only increase our knowledge but also creating ideas to do things in a better way.

Think long-term. Trends differ from fads, so don’t get caught up in “what’s hot now.” Think beyond today to how a current trend might affect your industry one, five or 10 years down the road.


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