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How do you ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline?

How do you ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline?

 Helps in avoiding Scope Creep
 Helps in Risk Management
 Helps in Maintaining Quality of work in deliverables or Final Software Product.
 Winning the client in terms of Loyalty, strong business relationships.
 Winning the Deadlines proves teams and organization’s credibility; it helps to create brand value in market. Every client wants quality work in committed time.

• Setting correct expectations while communicating stakeholders about deliverables, Total time required and keeping everything documented.
• Proper Planning – Planning in details about each and everything
• Work Breakdown Structure – Properly breaking down work in small manageable chunks.
• Setting Milestones after deciding priority.
• Setting Deadline for Task & Deliverables.
• Following SOPs – meaning Standard Operating Procedures, if not available with company then setting it up project.
• Using Project management Tools – Gantt chart, Microsoft Project Plan, for Agile Project -JIRA
• RTM- Correct, Clear & Consistent requirements throughout project till signoff.

• Proper allocation of resources and talent of the team. – Manages team workloads better.
• Collaboration- with team and stakeholders
• Ensuring that stakeholder feedback is considered
• Proper management if employees are absent due sick leave or other leaves.
• Plan and track team member’s contribution.
• Communicate the value and importance of deadlines to team in meetings.
• Motivation to Team
• Following and updating the plan
• Avoiding Procrastination is very much important.
• Keeping every communication documented like email and in Project Management tools.
• Periodic Review – Health checkup of Progress
• If we manage Deadline for Task & Deliverables then it automatically manages project Deadline.
• Estimation- if chances of scope creep are estimated at any point of time during SDLC then acting on it on immediate basis with right actions like more manpower should be allotted immediately.

o Nowadays JIRA is widely accepted as Project Management Tool for Agile SDLC. Previously, JIRA was a ‘bug management tool’ but with time and enhancements it is widely used as Project Management tool.
o It not only helps in planning phase but also helps in tracking and releasing software deliverables.
o Product burn-down charts & Sprint Burn down Charts helps a lot in avoiding scope creep.

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