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How do you ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline?

For effective delivery of project goal on time and budget, we need to ensure that resources required for project are enough or not. Gathering all the requirements and prioritizing each requirement is necessary.

For schedule management we need to follow below listed activities

  1. Define activities

Listing out the major and minor activities to be conducted while delivering the project is an essential part of schedule management in a project. It mainly involves creating a project plan then planning according to the planned activities. Later on analyzing each activities dependencies and planning accordingly. It should be end up with the time duration required for each activity and should be planned accordingly.

  1. Sequence activities

After identification of required activities, all the activities should be organized sequentially and its duration must be fixed by using a Gantt chart or milestone chart and tracked accordingly.


  1. Estimate resources for activities

Resource estimation is the method of assessing types and number of resources requirement for further upcoming project. For example resources can be Human Labor requirement, Material requirement, machineries requirement, supplies requirement. Since resources are the ones that make the project successful, their productivity determines the timely delivery of the project.

  1. Estimate duration for activities

Activity duration estimate gives approximation of time duration required for listed activity or how much time a project is going to take. Activity estimation can be done in various time periods it could be in hours, days , weeks or month.

  1. Develop Schedule

Developing schedule involves identifying series of tasks that needs to be accomplished within specific period of time. All the tasks are grouped together for accomplishing and achieving a common project goal.

  • Making the activities and timeline visible is always productive for the Team
  • Team members will become aware of WHO is dependent on them, and WHO they are dependent on to be successful
  1. Baseline and target should be understood by each team member

All stakeholders associated with project should understand as well as support the baseline so that everyone is aligned with the same

  1. MILESTONE CHART helps to indicate the project progress which is a useful tool for managing schedule, It also helps to understand the end of major or minor stages in the project
  2. Gantt charts also provide visual of activities needed to achieve Milestones on schedule and within budget

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