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How do you ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline?

How do you ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline?

Without a deadline your project will be like never ending program. There will be no sense of urgency, no fear of loss and no motivation. It will be like a project without vison and clarity.

Project deadline is very important for project success.

If projects become delay in process, misses its short-term goals then the project slows downs or fails is it created major financial and can affect goodwill of the company.

Taking necessary steps to make important changes in your system and tracking your project will help you to reduce rushing at the last minute and missing your deadline.

Following are the steps to ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline:

  • Make a check list and list your project deliverables and task: This is one of the important steps where your keep tracks of your project deadline by dividing your project in small parts and deliverables. Making your check list of your every deliverable and task can help to calculate your work in progress and work done. Which will help in identifying work to be done in given period of time.
  • Keep a reasonable deadline: Analyse the complexity of the work and estimate a reasonable amount of time needed to complete the given project. You don’t want to miss your project deadline that you have given.
  • Keep a reasonable extra time to every deadline: Always calculate extra time for problems or issues that could bring the project to dela or stop the project.
  • Create a responsible team: achieving your deadline is not a individual job but an it’s a team job. If even one person will miss his work whole team can miss their target. Self-motivated and accountable team will keep track of team project deadline and will help each other to achieve their targets. Achieving teams target will help in achieving your own individual targets.
  • Complete one part at one time: Multitasking may look like doing things more in one time. But at the same time, it can make you more disorganised and tiring. Focus on your time, effort and attention on one task on one time.
  • Keep reminders for your deadline: have a simple reminder of your work can help in achieving your deadline. You can have a normal reminder on your calendar of check list and project deliverables to keep a track of your work.
  • Regularly review your project: a simple but useful step is to review your project time to time which will help you to stay one stem ahead of your task every time.
  • Compare hour vs task progress: planning in advance can help in how actual work is tracking against projection. This makes easy to keep close view on the task and identify tasks taking long time than expected.

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