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How do you ensure that your project is on schedule to meet the deadline?

1Ans.  Normally, for certain duration of a project, the percentage of BA taking the details and knowing about the project from customer is 12 to 16 percent i.e. if the project duration is 1 year, the time taken by the Business Analyst knowing the details of the company, gathering the requirements and knowing about the company in detail, it takes about 2 to 3 months. So, in the first stage, the Business Analyst asks about the requirements from the customer i.e. Requirement Gatherings. It will be in this manner: –

  1. Knowing who is the correct stakeholder who can give details of the company in brief and proper manner.
  2. Once we find the stakeholder, we have to do interaction with the customer or client by conducting Brainstorming sessions and doing document analysis by making the BRD (Business Requirement Document).
  3. Again asking the questions i.e. questioning the questions till we get direct answers from the client.
  4. After taking all the requirements, we sort the requirements.
  5. Then prioritize requirements by using various analysis techniques.
  6. Validate requirements by using FURPS technique.

After this is done, then we do Requirement Analysis by: –

  1. Drawing UML Diagrams.
  2. Preparing functional requirements from Business Requirements and architects will do technical requirements.
  3. In this way we prepare SRS (Software requirements Specifications) which consists of Functional and technical requirements.
  4. Taking SRS and taking sign off from the technical team as it is the first legal document signed between Business team and technical team.
  5. Before design phase starts, we have make RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) and knowing how requirements are dealt in  each phase of development life cycle till UAT.

After doing Requirement Analysis, then it goes to Design Phase. In this phase, it will be like: –

  1. From Use case diagrams, test cases are prepared.
  2. After this, the test cases along with use case diagrams are discussed with Client on design and solution documents. If the customer is okay with the use case diagrams and test cases, then this will be moving forward to next step.
  3. Then the RTM is updated and from this RACI Matrix is obtained to know who is responsible, accountable, consulting and informed.
  4. From use case diagrams, solution architect recommends architecture for IT solution.
  5. The DB architect uses persistence class and comes up with ER Diagrams.
  6. The designer will look into transient class and design will fall possible to IT solution.

Then from Design, it goes into Development and Testing Phase. In this,

  1. We will be organizing JAD (Joint Application development) sessions.
  2. Clarifying queries during development.
  3. Referring diagrams and consulting BA and clarifying Doubts.
  4. Updating End user Manuals.
  5. Conducting meetings with technical team and client for participation.

After this is over, then it goes to UAT (User Acceptance Testing). In this: –

  1. Preparing test cases.
  2. Performing high level testing.
  3. Preparing client for UAT.
  4. Test data required from client.
  5. Update end user manual.
  6. Updates RTM.
  7. Take signoff from Client in Project Acceptance Form.

If these all are done without causing any disturbances like:-  not telling the requirements in detail, no involvement of client  during the project, involvement of negative stakeholders who try to stop the project, absence of client during  the meeting, clients asking for change request as and when required and concentrating on multiple projects rather than concentrating on ongoing project. Then as a Business Analyst, I can say that Project is on schedule to meet the deadline.

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