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How do you ensure that product is on schedule to meet deadline

When a project starts, it starts with deadline. It is one of the very important aspects to define the success of a project, A delayed project is as good as failure. It leads to increase in cost, increase the numbers competitors and dissatisfaction amongst your clients. Sometimes the project comes with a very strict deadline, that may be due to interdependency of projects or government guidelines etc. So as a business analyst or a Product owner it’s our responsibility to meet deadlines.

In agile sprint should planned in such as a way that delivery of product is under continuous observation, of Product owner. There are reports in Jira tool to help to see development in a graphical way. After each sprint, Sprint burn down chart, can help to show the productive movement of product, whether is sprint is on schedule or late. At the time of release, release burn down chart can provide an overview of all sprint covered. Product owner should closely monitor these reports to make sure that, the progress in on track. Product owner has to plan backlog in such a way that whatever goal has been set up it should be achieved without much impediments. In order to achieve anything, being systematic is very important. So, in order to be schedule time, Product owner should ensure that he should take proper requirements from all stakeholders, understand requirements from stakeholders, and group them together, in order to remove redundancy. Made a list of all requirement and set them according to their priority level and Prepared EPIC of requirement. After going through requirement prepared Product Backlog considering, MVP to deploy product as early as possible. Product owner should Manage product backlog by adding, adjusting, grooming and prioritizing backlog items within the backlog to make sure the most valuable product is in the development. Prepare some preliminary iteration goals, based on the team’s progress. Product should set a reasonable goal according to the complexity of work and should avoid over commitment. Starts the event by reviewing the proposed iteration goals and the higher priority stories in the team backlog. Discussed about implementation options, technical issues, NFRs and dependencies then planned iteration. There should be focus on one task at a time. In order to keep team motivated give them responsibilities but with authority. A product owner should closely involve in sprint planning meeting and was responsible for the outcome of the sprint cycle.  make decision on which stories should be ideally taken up for development purpose based upon their Business value and do refinement of product backlog on regular basis. Daily scrum meeting provides a platform to see if what has accomplished, what has been planned and any roadblocks in achieving the goal.  Answer questions and assist the team to remove impediments and blockers whenever required. Set a deadline in order to be on track.

Whenever a project has short deadline, we have to find out a way where, what is the best way to organise our work to meet deadline.



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