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How do we make our strategic plan flexible to allow for changes?

As the project progresses, there will be changes or enhancement in the project; so the requirements will be changed over time. Whenever change request is received from client, we should analyse the change request. We should conduct the feasibility study to accept the change request. During the feasibility study, we will check whether project can be completed within some constraint such as technology, budget, time etc. Then impact analysis to measure the change request.  Later, effort estimation to implement the change in the request.

To make our strategic plan flexible, we should follow the below steps:

  • We should document the change request.
  • We will analyse whether the change request is new change request or requirements are incorrectly captured hence rediscovered as defect.
  • We should obtain approval from project manager at an early stage proceed for the change requested.
  • We should identify whether the change request is complex or a minor change request. Complex project not increases the budget but also the time required to complete the project.
  • We will discuss the impact of the change request with the stakeholders on the organisation to help minimize the negative impact resulted from the particular change request.
  • For successful change request implementation, we should articulate realistic vision that appeals to both the internal and external stakeholders.

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