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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

Any Project’s success or failure depends mainly upon accuracy of requirement identification, Having poor requirement gathering results in project failure. Ineffective requirements management often leads to scope creep, which in turn may cause  project schedule delays and project cost to be overrun.

Requirement gathering and management process certainly involves collecting, documenting, analyzing, prioritizing and tracking client requirements.

For effective identification of requirements from client elicitation techniques needs to be performed for collecting ideas and main requirements.

Requirements are considered good after analyzing below listed points

  1. Define problem statement

Problem statement gives justification of exact user requirements, It does gives clear idea about the clients as well as the users needs. 5W 1H (Why, What, Who, Where, When and How)technique gives clear idea about requirements from user’s perspective.

  1. Requirements should be SMART

SMART Stands for Specific ,Measurable ,Attainable , Realistic ,Traceable/ Time Bound


        Requirement must be specific it should not be ambiguous. Requirement should be     understandable, It should show exactly what is needed.


Measurable requirement stands for weather the requirement is testable or not. Measurable requirements provides information that allows you to verify that they have been met after building the system. What needs to be verified in requirement that should be understood here


Attainable requirements shows what is possible for the system to exhibit the given requirement under the conditions given. Attainable requirements gives brief idea about existing solution for the given problem, What has been done before and what needs to be done in future.


Realistic requirements means the identified requirement is possible to achieve or not, Identifying the constraints for the requirement and validation of sufficient requirements is given here.


Traceable requirements can be tracked from its conceptual model , through its specification, to its subsequent design, implementation and testing

By verifying above the requirements can be analyzed weather they are perfect or not

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