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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

In many of the case requirement will be the perfect as without this not a single work can be done as it showing the what clints what in a project that’s why requirement  will getting from BA when we say a requirement is perfect it means it is complete, dependable, consistent, or feasible. Quality or our requirement make it look good or bad. Good requirements give control to your project, It develops your project, and there is very less work in good requirements, Good requirements adds very best in class value to your project, and it has very high rate of customer satisfaction. Good requirements are verifiable. Good requirements are adding a positive attitude in your work . Requirements means clints needs something from us. Someone can be a user or client or stakeholders. we should understand about needs and wants. When a client and company understand what exactly they want and need that is  good requirement. management and then accept it. else don’t accept and dont waste others efforts also. If you do not understand any particular thing about given requirement meet SME ( Subject matter expert ) they will guide you on it. if you do not understand any technical thing meet development team they will give you suggestions and then give  confirmation to the client Good requirement should understandable by all team, then only all can work on it and fulfils client’s needs. Requirements should be unambiguous. It should be separate from design and implementation. Requirements should be properly categorized. Bad requirements are not clear, we don’t understand them clearly, Client might not have proper knowledge on it. and then if we accept such requirement, we waste our time and efforts.

  In technique requirement we have to follow some techniques we called it elicitations technique

Focus Group: Use a focus group to gather information from a group of people about a product or service

 Observation: Observer the need and want and do the understanding the activity, task, tools, and events carried out by others is the major goal of an observation session.

 Workshops: A skilled workshop facilitator can assist a group in identifying key requirements and brainstorming, also in the workshop we can do analysis of what user needs and want on this

 Brainstorming: This activity usually involves a round-table conversation. Equal time should be given to each person to share their thoughts.

Document analysis: Document analysis comprises analysing the business plans, problem reports using existing requirement documents, etc.

Reverse Engineering: It is done mostly to learn how something works and to analyse it, although it is frequently used to reproduce or improve the object, It is the process in which we are thinking of re-process the whole thing if the stakeholder did not like what we made we have to a re-engineering

JAD: Joint Application Development When compared to other methodologies, JAD is more formal and process-oriented. These are structured meetings with end users, project managers, and SMEs.

Interview: Techniques for interviews should be utilized to establish enduring bonds between business analysts and stakeholders. Using this method, the interviewer asks stakeholders questions to gather information.

Prototype: Prototypes are built using this technique, it is the process in which multinational or multilevel project has to be delivered there is no manual process on all our things have sold on the software only so this will help to solve a bigger project

 Questionnaire: In a survey or questionnaire, participants are asked a series of questions to record their opinions. Following the gathering of stakeholder answers, data is evaluated to determine the stakeholders’ areas of interest.

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