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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

All requirements decribe something, Requirements describe users or clients or stakeholders exact need, We work on requirements and make it good, When we get requirement they are not perfect all, We have to understand them and work on it. When we say a requirement is perfect it means it is complete, testable, consistent, or feasible. Quality or our requiremnt make it look good or bad. Good requirements give control to your project, It devleops your project, and there is very less work in good requirements, Good requirements adds very high value to your project, and it has very high rate of customer satisfaction. Good requirements are verifiable. Good requirements are attainable. Requirements means someone needs something from us. Someone can be a user or client or stakeholders. we should understand about needs and wants. for eg A client needs to develop an application so he will shre that requirement to a company with all details like when they need that application, what exactly they want in it, what is budget, what is duration, what all features they want in that application. When a client and company understand what exactly they want and need that is  good requirement. We should never accept such requirement which is not in our budget or time, or if we know we can not work on it, still if we accept such requirements we are wasting both parties time and we are making loss of our own team. we should think on requirement, discuss with whole team who all will work on it and discuss with management and then accept it. else dont accept and dont waste others efforts also. If you do not understand any particular thing about given requirement meet SME ( Subject matter expert ) they will guide you on it. if you do not understand any technical thing meet development team they will give you suggestions and then give  confimation to the client. A good requirement can not be misunderstood. It expresses everything in a single thought. Good requirement should explained shortly in very specific way, more clear in words. and it should be very straight forward. sometimes bad assumptions occur in requirement such as if it is not explained perfectly or in a clear way. Requirements means solve a problem and and achieve something. Your achievement should satisfy others. for eg if you got aa requirement and you whole team worked on it but still you will have to take approval from client only. when all stakeholders approves it, That means you worked properly on requirement and met the target. Good requirements qualities are clear, precise, understandable, testable, correct, feasible, independent. Good requirement should understandable by all team, then only all can work on it and fulfils clients needs. Requirements should be unambiguous. It should be seperate from design and implementation. Requirements should be properly categorized. Bad requirements are not clear, we dont understand them clearly, Client might not have proper knowledge on it. and then if we accept such requirement, we waste our time and efforts.

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