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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect

Gathering requirements, planning and documenting requirements, analyzing and modeling requirements, conveying requirements, managing change requests, and carrying out user acceptability testing are all duties of a business analyst. A sound requirement is the cornerstone of any project’s success. The business analyst must collect requirements from all interested parties.

Any Project’s success or failure depends mainly upon accuracy of requirement identification, Having poor requirement gathering results in project failure. Ineffective requirements management often leads to scope creep, which in turn may cause  project schedule delays and project cost to be overrun.


  • Business analysts employ a variety of methodologiesto get requriment from stakeholders:-


Brainstorming– This activity usually involves a round-table conversation. Equal time should be given to each person to share their thoughts.

Document analysis– Document analysis comprises analyzing the business plans, problem reports using existing requirement documents, etc.

Reverse Engineering– Dismantling an item to learn how it functions is known as reverse engineering. It is done mostly to learn how something works and to analyze it, although it is frequently used to reproduce or improve the object.

Focus Group– Use a focus group to gather information from a group of people about a product or service. There are topic matter specialists in the focus group.

Observation– Understanding the activity, task, tools, and events carried out by others is the major goal of an observation session.

Workshops – Workshops are participatory gatherings where discussions are led. A skilled workshop facilitator can assist a group in identifying key requirements and brainstorming.

JAD– When compared to other methodologies, JAD is more formal and process-oriented. These are structured meetings with end users, project managers, and SMEs. This is done in order to identify, make clear, and finish requirements.

Interview– Techniques for interviews should be utilized to establish enduring bonds between business analysts and stakeholders. Using this method, the interviewer asks stakeholders questions to gather information.

Prototype– Prototypes are built using this technique, and periodic demos are provided to clients so they may see what the final product will look like. Mock-ups of sites can be made using prototypes, and diagrams can be used to explain the procedure.

Questionnaire– In a survey or questionnaire, participants are asked a series of questions to record their opinions. Following the gathering of stakeholder answers, data is evaluated to determine the stakeholders’ areas of interest.

  • The six qualities of a good requirement are:

Complete, Consistent, Feasible, Modifiable, Unambiguous, and Testable.

Complete – All the data required to fulfill the criteria is available. If applicable, the units of measurement must be provided in order to guarantee the accuracy of all the information.

Consistent – One crucial component of requirements is consistency. It implies that all process inputs must be handled consistently. Processes shouldn’t result in distinct outputs for inputs originating from various sources.

Feasible – One of the most important aspects of requirements capturing is feasibility. It must be possible to implement each and every need listed in the SRS.

Modifiable – The specific requirements and any dependent requirements may be changed as necessary without affecting the others in the event of any modifications.

Unambiguous – A requirement is said to be unambiguous if it is defined in such a way that only one interpretation is possible. The standards must be free of any ambiguous language or claims.

Testable – The need may be checked and validated to make sure it has been implemented correctly.


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