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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?


An important part of program to succeed is converting stakeholders wants and needs into vision, clarity, verifiable and brief system requirement.

A good requirement is something that is verifiable, achievable and necessary. If a requirement is verifiable the requirement must be verified that can be examined, analysis, tested and demonstrated.  If a requirement is achievable then it should be written in brief. A good requirement is clearly understood and megarad.

Requirement is the solution of the consequence that stakeholder needs and wants. What is the use of the requirements which is not solving the problem of the stakeholder. It can be even worst if the requirement is not included in the system which can be problem solver.

Having the proper set of requirement acceptance criteria will ensure the requirement is verifiable.

A requirement which is achievable must be feasible, megarad and scheduled in project.

Each requirement should be simple. It is important that requirement should not be misunderstood. A simple sentence will mostly sufficient for a goo requirement.

All requirements should be specified. There can be last minute change or change request for stakeholders or the stakeholders wants to add more features in the application. Specific requirement helps is solving change request and implement the change or adding the features in the project easily.

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