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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

The client finds requirements after doing his research and Gap analysis in his current process and prepares high-level documents (Business requirement) to present to the selected vendor (IT Company)

Post this, the Business analyst starts working on solution requirements (functional and non-functional), and It’s the core responsibility of BA to analyze the requirements completely.

To state that the requirement is good or perfect, it should meet the following criteria-

  • Requirement should be clear
  • Requirement should be well defined
  • Requirement should be crisp and should not use long sentences while documenting
  • Requirement should be defined step by step
  • Requirement should define the object of the project too
  • Requirement should be unambiguous and concise
  • Requirement should be well understood by a technical and non-technical person
  • Requirements should be complete as per the client’s needs
  • Requirement should be well constructed
  • Requirement should clearly pass the message to the reader
  • All requirements should be documented
  • Requirements should be reviewed timely by the PM or from the business team
  • All stakeholders should agree on the documented requirements


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