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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect

Good requirement lay the foundation of success for a software product .Good and definite requirements enable the project managers and the project team to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

The role of business analyst is vital in documenting the project requirements .BA needs to gather requirements from all stakeholders and ensure that the proposed software solution meets all the business needs.

The main responsibility of the analyst is the discovery , analysis ,documentation and communication of requirements.

Requirement Management: is the process of defining and maintaining the requirements that from the agreement between the project team and the stakeholders .A Requirement management plan is a documents that define the process , procedure and standards for eliciting ,documenting ,storing and updating the requirements .

When gathering the information BA needs to make sure to ask related question for the project ,BA should focus on “What” and “when” to develop rather than focus on “How”  to develop ,Never Imagine anything and should not be hurried ,Always consult SMEs for more clarification.

To discover requirements the analyst applies a variety of techniques .The steps in requirements elicitation are generally:

*Plan the requirements elicitation process and how the team  will document and validate the requirement. This plan is refereed as Requirement management Plan.

*Write the project mission containing the business requirements and the overall scope of the project.

* Identify the key user and their usage characteristics

Follow the Elicitation technique  –

Interview – It s an systematic approach where clients and stakeholders will be asked relevant question related to the project

Survey /Questionnaire- For obtaining limited system requirements detail  from the user/stakeholders that have minor input or are geographically remote

Prototyping – Its an attractive idea for complicated and large systems for which there is no manual process  or existing system to determine requirements

JAD – It has higher customer satisfaction and fewer error as the user is directly involved in the development process

Workshop – A workshop may be used to scope , discover , define , prioritize and reach closure to the target

Focus Group – This mean eliciting ideas and attitudes about a specific product services or opportunity in an interactive group environment

Observation – By doing their part of the job , can provide information on existing processes ,inputs and outputs

Brain Storming – Its an effective way to generate lot of ideas on a specific issue and then determine the best solution It can be done individually and group

Reverse Engineering – Re producing anything based on the extracted information ,disassembling something and analyzing its component and working in details.

Requirements that are useful exhibit several important characteristics:

Complete, Accurate, Testable,  Feasible ,Necessary ,Unambiguous ,Prioritized


As soon as requirement have been identified they must be analyzed to ensure that they are correct ,not in conflict with each other from the detailed analysis team can accurately estimate efforts for implementation and assure that the requirement are indeed feasible


Requirements must be validated prior to implementation to assure that they are correctly understood ,Validation can be achieved by several means like

*Stakeholders reviews

*Acceptance Criteria


Organization have a formal process of Sign -Off or approval where the client or sponsor formally agrees to he requirement that have been captured ,While it is somewhat formal ,sign off must be viewed as a project milestone rather than a formal contract .Requirements very likely will still change after sign off .After all business does not remain static.

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