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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

The requirement is problem statement faced by any client in his business. As client, he looks around for solutions to resolve all these problem statement by hiring someone who will able turn all these problem statements into new business opportunities. The business need can be of to develop the solution by improving the current existing process or generating new system from the scratch based on the business need of organization.  Here, the organization comes in to picture who will able to deliver the such kind of solution with their skill resources.

The most important person in the world who know to turn problem into solution is a business analyst by identifying and gathering the business requirement for any business need. He is the only person who communicates with client to understand their needs and convert them into solution by communicating these requirements to technical team. He hears client each and every word very actively till end without obtrusion and wait to for client to finish their communication to ask the probing quotations to generate the maximum lead of requirements.    He does the enterprise analysis to identify their business goal by defining business requirements.  He also does the stakeholder analysis to identify needs of stakeholders. Based on these needs, he recommends the solution that meets both enterprise and stakeholders needs by defining solution requirements which are further divided in to functional and non-fictional requirements. The fictional requirement manages behaviour and information of system and non-functional requirement manages environment condition which suite to solution for to be more effective.

He finally defines the transition requirement in which he transforms current state of enterprise to future desire state. For this transition of any organization or enterprise the requirements need to be good or perfect which fulfil the client’s needs as per their expectation. The business analyst applies here many techniques to make them perfect. He knows how to make requirement correct, complete and consistent. He uses many elicitation techniques like Brainstorming, Document Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Focus Groups, Observations, Workshop, JAD i.e., Joint Application Development requirement workshop, Prototype and Questionnaire i.e., Survey. By using all the techniques business analyst make requirement perfect, correct, compete and consistent.

Post gathering requirement BA sort the requirements by removing the clone requirements and group the indistinguishable kind of requirements to divide them into functional and non-functional requirements. He then prioritizes the requirement by using prioritization techniques such as 100 Dollars Test, Top 10 Requirement and MoSCoW.

Business analyst then validates the prioritize requirement by using validating requirement techniques such FURPS, CUCV, CAE, APVU and SMART. BA use the UML language such use case diagram to communicate it to technical team. He also uses the technique likes presentation, images, graph, seminars, data model and workshop to help technical team to understand the requirements. He uses the requirement management to align business goal with solution which delivered clients intend. The requirements are organized by defining the process to prioritize and implement them. The requirement modelling is done to represent the complete structure with risk factors defined and the duplicate information is removed. Finally, requirement verification is done to approve the requirement by verifying them against quality criteria which is met per the intended stakeholders, SME’s, Domain Experts and end user customers representatives’ expectation.

The RTM is used and updated through the project development life cycle to assure that project is on right path and requirements are perfect as per the clients or organizations expectation.

As per the above overall process we can say that the requirements are perfect to achieve the project goal as it meets to the client’s expectation and which has been approved by client as in scope requirement.

We can say that the requirements are perfect as these are aligned with project goal and objective. These requirements are able to transforms successfully the current state of organization to future desire state.

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