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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

Requirement is a process of determining what a stakeholder need in order to find a solution of his business problem i.e requirement should be aligned with the goals/objectives of stakeholders. A good or a perfect requirement can be considered as a project which is precise , to the point and at the same time it should serve the purpose towards the need of designing the project.

As B.A, we have a major responsibility towards gathering of requirements. Hence we need to understand what are the characteristics of a good requirement. Following are listed below:

1.Clear, concise, to the point: Requirements should contain only matters which are crisp, to the point and clearly stated. Unambiguous content leads to confusions at each stage.

2.Correct: If a requirement consists of certain facts included then it has to be true. No false informations to be added, as the same would lead to failure of project.

3.Testable :Testers should be able to able to verify if the requirement is executed in the right manner or not. If the requirement is right or wrong  then it should be either PASS/FAIL so that there is no delay in delivery of the project at the said time.

4. Feasibility :At the beginning of the project, we evaluate the projects feasibility to find out how well the success of the project would be i.e the issues which we can face, the measures to rectify the same and the strategies to make the project successful.

Following are the steps in requirement gathering:

1.We should be able to assign individual roles in our project so that everyone is able to perform their individual duties perfectly.

2.Meeting with stakeholders is an important phase to know how to successfully complete the project based on their needs.

3.Gathered informations should be properly documented 4.Assumptions of the project should be listed appropriately.

5.Approval to be taken at each stage to ensure that the project turns out in the right direction. 6.Monitoring the progress to find out where are we lacking and how to take the project forward.

Requirement gathering techniques involves the following:

1.Brainstorming :We will be able to gather many ideas/opinions from the group of people which inturn will help us in finding solutions to clarify their problems.

2.Document Analysis: Document analysis is done to understand the entire content of the project. Examples: Email, blogs, journals etc.

3.Survey : Surveys are done to gather information from many people at short span of time. It is basically a good method which serves the purpose of time saving too .

4.One to One interview: In this stage, we should make sure that we interview the right choice of people and probe the people to elaborate their views rather than yes or no answers.

5.Focus group : In this method, research is done through a set of people to gain meaningful feedback .

Keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, we will be able to make the requirement as Good or perfect and hence lays the success of the project.

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