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How can you say that a requirement is good or perfect?

A requirement is good or perfect can be measure by the stakeholder actual needs, it must relate to the project requirement. A good requirement is that which is necessary in the project, which is related to project features. When the client and company understand what exactly they want and need that is good requirement. Good requirement are clear and verifiable. When we say requirement is perfect it should be complete, clear, consistent or feasible. Good requirement gives positive value to our project. Good requirement should be understandable by all the team. Requirement should be unambiguous, it should be properly categorized. Client may not have proper knowledge on the requirement and we accept such requirement we waste our time and efforts. A requirement is good or perfect is most likely to be known by its project’s success. A requirement is said to be perfect if it is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

The qualities of a good requirement are:

Complete, Feasible, Understandable, Unambiguous and Testable.

Complete: The requirement available should fulfil the criteria. It should be correct and define the needs of the stakeholders. If a BA defines the requirement on the basis of a guess, it may lead to an incorrect requirement. The customer and stakeholder can verify the completeness of the requirement.

Feasible: The requirement should be feasible that means it should be possible to implement in the real world. It should be within the budget and time.

Understandable: The requirement should be easily understandable by the stakeholders, project managers and project team.

Unambiguous: The requirement must be clear and unambiguous. It is the most required quality of good requirement.

Testable: The requirement should meet the business need. It should have an objective criteria against which it can be tested. The tester should be able to test the requirement and record the result as pass and fail.

When we say the requirement is good or perfect from the user’s perspective it should contain, a user role that benefits from the requirement, a desirable state that the user role wants to achieve, an objective criteria that allows the requirement to be tested.

To do a good job with the requirements can save your organizations name. Requirements Specifications Documents are the primary means of communication between users and developers and should be prepared as carefully as when writing the requirements. Analyst should pay clear attention to every little detail of the requirement to structure, presentation to content, to increase the chances of delivering successful systems. To have good requirement we should keep certain points in mind such as:

Define one requirement at a time each requirement should be unique.

Each requirement must form a complete sentence.

Each requirement must contain a subject (user/system) and an intended result, action or condition.

Avoid describing how the system will do something instead of how the system will do.

Avoid duplication and contradictory statements.

Do not refer to a requirement that is yet to be defined, it should be as easy as you can make.

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