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How can you manage the post-implementation and pre-implementation problems of a project?

Before managing the problems, lets get familiar with the word post – implementation and pre-implementation –

Post implementation review- only project completion is not important but its success is also important which will maximize the benefits of the project and helps the organization to find its profit or return on investment. So, what is post implementation review? So basically, by word it can be said that it is conducted after the completion of the project. Its solely purpose is to evaluate whether the project objects met or not, achieved the stated scope, schedule and budget, is project running smoothly as stakeholders asked for, what all the lessons to be learnt through this project so that it does not be repeated in the future and also to ensure that the organization get the greatest benefit from the project. What wen right? What went wrong? Have the entire project team fill out the questionnaire


Now how to handle post implementation problems?

  • Conduct a review meeting with all the team members to share feedback.
  • Be sure that the entire project team fill out the questionnaire.
  • Create a report where all the post implementation information imbibed.
  • Try to identify the problems and challenges faced during the completion of the project so that it doesn’t happen in the future.
  • Ensure that this not the exercise of blaming others but a way to ensure continuous improvement.


Pre implementation project work is an important element which occurs at the early phase of preparing the project. Before start of a phase, one should build the team, ensure you have all the resources allocated for this project, there is no confusion on business requirements, ensure that the project scope is clear to the team members. This phase helps to determine the functionality of the system, define the strategy, setup infrastructure and system environments, establish project charter, focus on change management and standardize the business process. The problems can also be that if the requirements of the stakeholder not documented properly, if the risks is not analysed properly, what will be the impact of the project that should be researched properly that is market research should be done properly, improper scheduling of the milestones, fail to assign the tasks  and responsibilities to the appropriate team members, failure in allocating the resources which is required in the project.


Example: we have a project to make a house, so we will plan accordingly, we will allocate resources, where to make, what will be the prime location, which brick and cement to use, to whom to consult, map the risk of making home, how much budget we have, which time will be great for making the house, will there be the availability of the labor or not so these are some of the pre implementation problems of the project.


How to handle the pre implementation problems:

  • Properly document the requirements
  • Map the risk
  • Conduct research
  • Ensure that all the team members have correctly grasped the requirements of the project
  • Ensure that all the team members are on the same boat
  • Identify key processes
  • Identify the model benefit of the project
  • Summarize the result
  • Break the things into sub topics
  • Do gap analysis

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