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Hospital management


In this case there is an hospital which has several different departments they are cardiology, gynaecologic, orthopaedics, paediatrics and Ent. OPD is another independent. In the hospital they are many doctors and doctors are associated with on specialised department at a time and he or she can be an outside patient department.


If a patient wants to join he/she has enter into patient details in reception and once the patient has entered the details, patients will receive a unique ID through which he/she can login.


Patients can select the doctor once they reach the hospital and when they get admitted doctor will come and check the patients, after checking doctor will prescribe test’s for patient if necessary. If the doctor has prescribe test the patient has to go near the lab and submit the prescription received by the doctor at the time of his check-up. After the tests are done test reports will be given to the patient.


Checking the test reports of the patient, doctor proceeds for further particulars, like if the patient has to be admitted or any further test are be prescribed.


If the patients has to be admitted then the patient has to go near the reception and ask for availability of rooms and if there is no availability of rooms the patient has to reschedule.


Doctor will perform the operation as he as mentioned on the prescription and also about the date and time.


After the operation, the patient will be moved to general room for few days and when the final check-up is done by the doctor and if there is no issues the patient has to discharge the hospital. At the time of discharge the patient has to clear all the fee dues like pharma charges, lab charges and also ward allotment charges once the patient clears all the dues at the reception the patient will receive a discharge ticket by the receptionist

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