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Good / Perfect requirement constitutes

A requirement is fulfilling the necessary needs of an organization parallelly it should be verifiable and attainable then it’s defined to be a good/perfect requirement.



It can be measured by using these:


  • It should be a Complete requirement
  • It should be Consistent
  • It should be Feasible
  • It should be Modifiable
  • It should have a Clear explanation
  • It should be understandable to all persons
  • It should be Verifiable
  • It should solve the problem of the current situation
  • It should be supporting your business strategy
  • Most importantly solve user problems
  • It should be realistic and possible
  • It should be simple, specific, concise, and comprehensive
  • It should have good enough or have the right qualities to fulfill these requirements.
  • It should be detail-Oriented and written from the client’s perspective




If the requirement meets all the above points, it should be considered a GOOD/PERFECT requirement.


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