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Gap analysis


By analyzing the gap between present and the future state we are able to plan and select which projects and other activities are needed to get there.


For analyzing the gap

  • Good documentation rarely exist at the current state. So make sure the future state you design is captured and base lined and available for future change programs.
  • Use interactive facilitative workshops to identify the key differences between the current and the future state
  • Map the shortfalls using red , amber, green status and capture the results of the gap analysis in a differences table.
  • Prioritize the change requirement.
  • Identify and record issues and risk as you go along and decide how they will be addressed and resolved


You can analyze the gap but there is not going to be one clear solution, rather there will be a no. of possible ways to deliver the future state and many key stakeholders who will have different viewpoints and different expectations. So we have to analyze all the options to find the best solution.


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