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Gap analysis

Gap Analysis:

Gap Analysis is a procedure to find out the difference between the current state and the future desired state of the business or a project

The organization make plan and procedures to improve the current state by using the GAP analysis

By gap Analysis technic business can determine what changes need to be taken to attain desired future states.

Different stages in GAP analysis:

1.A clear picture of desired changes/future goals of the business ‘where you want to be

2.Good understanding of the current process ‘where you stand.’ At this stage, the analyst may organize brainstorming sessions, employee interviews, SWOT analysis, document review sessions to gain insight into present challenges.

3. Comparing the two states and identify the area where the improvement needs to be made.

4. Prepare an action plan such that the identified gap can be closed.

There are a different way to achieve the desired state

-Changing in Human Resource capacity

-Training the resource

-Changing technology

– offering perks and incentives to get the best out of employees

-Changing the work culture

-Strategic planning

-Lack of investments on systems and processes

By following the above steps, the gap between the two states can be reduced in an effective way

Inform the involved parties about the gap which has been identified

You can represent the gap by using Graphs, Charts or images which can be easily understandable by stockholders.

Encourage periodic gap analysis as it plays an important role in measuring the performance and defines the key activities.

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