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Gap Analysis


How to perform Gap Analysis??
A Gap Analysis is a simple method of comparing the current state of something to a desired state and then you determine steps that must be undertaken to improve that state
The common uses for gap analysis are – Project Planning , Process Appraisals , Marketing , strategy development(Most Improtant)

|                  O Desired Performance level
|                /  ^
|              /     |
|            /       |
|          /         |
|        /           |
|      /             |
|    /               |
|  /______O Current Performance Level

Once analysing the current state then start solving the problems with the guidance of experts to reach the Desired future state(Goal) and the output must be within our specification.
If there is no gap (i.e the current state is meeting the business needs and output with in specification) then probably not be necessary to launch the
IT project. Otherwise the issues required to be addressed in order to bridge the gap should be identified.

Common uses for Gap Analysis are – Project Planning
– Process Analysis
– Marketing
– Strategy Development
The Process to Perform the Gap Analysis
1. Describe Area
2. Identify improvement Areas
3. Determine targets
4. Describe Improvement Steps
5.Implement and Review

Forcast, if possible , what future performance could be . Then Identify gaps between the forcast and your targets.
Tips: Dont forget to prioritise your improvement steps. Remember Pareto!
During the implementation of your improvement steps, make sure to review the progress frequently.
There are so many tolls to perform Gap Analysis
We can use 1. SWOT analysis 2.Document Analysis 3.Ishakawa Charts 4.Mckinsey 7S …

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