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Gantt Chart

 Gantt Chart

Gantt chart is a project Management tool used for project plans with start and end dates, it helps in keep a track on tasks accomplishing successfully of project.

Gantt charts was introduced by Henry Gantt in 20th century in 1910–1915

Today gantt charts is mostly widely used project management tool and  power full tool to help you to think to plan, to articulate it, to communicate it and to monitor it, and  deliver it, it is like the icon of the project Management.

These charts typically outline all the activities that are performed in a project in a systematic order to represent critical pieces of information

Today, Gantt chart tools are is mostly  referred as a road map tool.

Gantt charts plans time as a horizontal Axis and in vertical axis we list all the Activities and Tasks then break down the structure that makes simple and easy to understand, it is a deliverable oriented breakdown structure

Breakdown structure is a key project deliverable that organizes the teams work into manageable sections

Once the Gantt chart is prepared in equal units of distance along the horizontal axis represents equal units of  time ,once prepared, then later the length of the bar represents the duration of the task and the positioning of the bar represents the scheduling of the task.

IN Gantt charts each work is dependent on the previous task, the other commonly used symbols in Gantt charts you see diamond symbols called as Milestones

It means like project is reached to certain position which is like progress like achievements.

In Gantt charts sometimes we can put vertical  broad line is placed to indicate dye, so that in any point of time we can read off and assess the level of completeness. 

Main reasons for using Gantt charts are:

Build and manage a comprehensive project

Determine the task dependencies

Monitor work phases

Benefits of Using Gantt charts are:

Work can be more simplified and easier of complicated plans.

Best Utilization of resources and allocate them by planning with teams and work around deadlines.

It is easy to check where work is delayed and plan accordingly by having a single view ,glance on chart

and find what is missing.

Correct utilization of time to project

Better transparency

Improved communication

Gantt chart will be prepared in excel also from the bellow steps following.

Name the chart

Click on the top left toolbar to select Design

1.Add Chart element -> chart title and select above chart

2.Add your tasks

3.Update task by start and end dates optional additional information

4.Add Milestones – to be positive add a bright color

5.Add more tasks and finalize your Excel Gantt chart.

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