Fundamental of negotiations / What are the business process techinques

Fundamentals of Negotiation / What are the business process techniques?

The most of important part as Business analysis negotiations, first thing when client interaction that time most of time use.  We are looking fundamental of negotiations which is client demand much more which not in budget and time, that time business analysis initiatives tactical and strategics. Business analysis my be performed within the boundaries of a project or throughout enterprise evolution and continuous improvement both side helps negotiations.

As business analysis project-initiated time responsibility, after all that pre-project doing

  • Interacting client – As business analysis understand the requirement and as compare market competitor create proposal.
  • Gathering Information – Requesting for information giving to client, whether check market analysis giving best information.
  • Presentation meeting – In presentation project manager and business analysis both are give the best of information get opportunity where finally get negation stage. Here is both way question and answer session.
  • Quotation – After all that create quotation which is the best budget and low cost of maintenance and save the time.
  • Technical and Functional – Client all the understand check technical and functional work where after get final product that time product is user friendly or not.
  • Shortlist – Client checks few company whether functional and technical stage is first priority and secondly budget and time bound.
  • Negotiation – this is most important part where client continue with us or not, then company and client get medal way most of the time use Tomas kill man technique simple understand below few pointes
  1. Competing – when discussion time check both side assertive vs. cooperative, that will show assertive higher and cooperativeness is lower good for both sides.
  • Zero Sum-orientation
  • Win/lose pawer straggle
  1. Avoiding – In the meeting as company assertiveness is lower and cooperativeness is higher which is best relationship.
  • Withdraw from the situation
  • Maintain neutrality
  1. Accommodating – In the meeting as understanding every one cooperativeness is lower and assertiveness is higher.
  • Accede to the other party
  • Maintain harmony
  1. Collaborating – In the meeting understanding every one assertiveness is higher and cooperativeness is lower.
  • Expand rage of possible opations
  • Achive win/win outcome
  1. Compromising – Intermediate in assertiveness and cooperativeness and more focused on creating a decent deal relatively efficiently while maintain some relationship
  • Minimally acceptable to all
  • Relationships undamaged

                            This all technique is use in fundamental of negotiation where get opportunity of company and client get build minimum cost product

  • Statement of Work -At the last not the list after all final deal done in what will doing in project it will give statement in mail and start with relation in giving time and budget.

What are the business process techniques

What is the business product, service, market tending, value product, place and peoples, simple way understanding take one example ATM machine

  • Goal – Withdraw the amount
  • Inputs – Enter the figure
  • Resources – ATM Computer system
  • Activates – Commanding process the which is received input
  • Output – Get the withdraw amount
  • End value – User friendly

As of business owner looking starting of business which is inviting amount good return of certain time and investing return and this all doing activity government guidelines and rules.

Business Process Model –

Business process model creating time many of the tools and models technique’s use like UML diagram (Use case diagram, activity diagram), electing technique build of project the looking way of only IT company and undertesting client side when discussion meeting deal final time to time payment which is decide that time show the report (Gantt Chart, daily reports, and quarterly audits) .



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