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Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone diagram is one of the Gap Analysis tool widely used in the market to identify the root cause of an issue or effect. This diagram resembles Fishbone that is why it is called as Fishbone Diagram. It is also known as Cause and effect diagram.

Gap Analysis technique helps in identify the gaps between two states (where you are against and where you would like to be), and come up with an action plan to close them. It can be performed on both strategic and operational level.

Business Analyst has to propose solution once establish causes of problems and their effects.

Fishbone diagram is visualization tool which capture cause of the problem in order to identify its root causes in turn helps in solution & organizes ideas for further analysis.

Generally Fishbone diagram is useful in brainstorming session where facilitator and focus groups brainstorm and identifies possible causes for problem. Once it is done, facilitator will ask the group to rate the causes based on level of importance and diagram hierarchy. This design of diagram looks like Fish skeleton.

Fishbone diagrams are typically works from right to left, it contains large bone in the middle and small bones contains more details.

Create A Fish diagram:

Head : It describes about effects, problem or issue to be studied.

Backbone : It is a straight line which leads to the head.

Causes : Causes are which contributes to the problem, Causes will connect backbone with arrows in turn it creates first bone of Fish.

Causes could be – People, Process, Machine, Material and Environment

Continue breaking down each cause until the root causes have been identified.

Fishbone diagram contains causes which helps in how they related to the central problem.

Below are the steps to develop Fishbone diagram:

  1. Problem identification and description
  2. Brainstorm on the main causes of problem
  3. Breakdown each main cause in to sub causes
  4. Analyze diagram
  5. Develop action plan

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