Fish Bone Diagram

Fish Bone analysis is also known as cause and effect analysis as with this method we will analyse the root cause of the problem. This is also known as ISHIKAWA Diagram as it is invented by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa

Ishikawa identified Five(5) key areas which occur repeatedly in either type of analysis :

  1. People
  2. methods
  3. Materials
  4. equipment
  5. Environment


Lets explain the Cause and effect diagram by taking the example of Contact Centre




Staff with high tenurity          Call category                                        iknow Material access

Calling department                              Product details not available

Lack of interest







Technical glitch                                                                        Location(work from home)

Too many options on IVR                                       Shift timings




We have the brain storm the each category to come across the root cause of the problem Lets understand in each category how we can analyse the cause and its effects


  • Staff with high tenure tends to show less interest while taking calls as it becomes daily routine to them which will lead customer dissatisfaction
  • Lack of interest as the person might be doing the job not enthusiastically and thus leads to customer dis satisfaction


  • In this we must analyse the types of calls will get based on the customer category and how long it will take to handle them
  • Each customer have the different queries which needs to be transfer the call to other departments



  • Proper resources must be available for the agent to give the require information
  • Accurate information must be available for banking products



  • Barnstorm the technical issue because of which calls gets disconnected automatically and that will lead to low customer satisfaction
  • Customer takes lot of time to  reach Agents as IVR options are Too many and sometimes customer disc the call as he don’t understand



  • Location as Work from home implemented due to pandemic situation is that the reason for customer dis satisfaction?
  • Shit timing could be a major concern as everyone works from home and in calling process it is important the agent must have the separate work station to work from home


Branstorm with the team to analyse the each factor and find the root cause of the problem and use the technique of 5W


With the above Example it can be ascertain as the Work from home is the reason for the LOW CSAT  as no proper workstation for agents as leads to lack of interest and customers are not happy with the service




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