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Fish Bone Diagram

The root cause analysis process is known as Fish bone Diagram. It is also known as “Ishikawa” Diagram/” cause effect” Diagram.

these tools identify all other basic causes and possible out comes. This will enable brainstorming process covers all the potentials root cause for the problem

Fish bone diagram has 5 area ie

  • people
  • process
  • material
  • environment
  • machine

How to work fish bone diagram with example

Step 1 gather a group of people that are knowledge about the problem for a brainstorming process

Step 2 on a board draw a large skeleton of a fish

Step 3 enter the problem statement at the fish head(missing tab in packing cover)

Step 4 Start brainstorm in 1 category on the potential causes

Step 5 list down possible causes by man

  • new employee does not understand the procedure
  • inspector did not check
  • damaged remove from cover

continue brain storming in the next category

step 6 list down possible causes by machine

  • trouble code
  • tab stock in dispenser
  • drop out box

step 7 list down possible causes by environment

  • not organised area

step 8 list down possible causes by material

  • material is shrink in
  • screen are not tension-ed correctly
  • key user are not advanced
  • not Angular material


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