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Equivalence Testing

Equivalence Testing

As the name suggest, it means equivalent in the value or the function. The role of business analyst in every project apart from defining, analyzing and documenting requirements also require to be hands on till the successful completion of the project.

Equivalence test is used to assess that the result or the outcome will be close enough to become equivalent. This is a non traditional approach where a valid hypothesis testing is being used. For instance a Business Analyst who gathers the requirement for a client who is in the travel industry, should also be aware of the domain so that any pitfalls can be avoided. Since it is essential to save the time and effort in a project, the Business Analyst act as a catalyst initiating the equivalence test. The domain knowledge in any industry helps Business Analyst to draw conclusions about the means or the differences.

Since equivalence test is used to assess the probability to a near accurate situation, the ball mark figure has to be developed, so that the range below that or above can be eliminated and only those with that is considered to be an equivalent one and go with the testing. As a Business Analyst the know-how of equivalence test helps to overcome the negative results.

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