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Although there are those who truly care of our environment, we can never deny that the continued advancement of technology has converted the new generation in focusing more on technological advancement instead of caring for our Mother Earth. To recover from this scenario, decided to go green and running their servers and tech stuff without any type of pollution. However, all is not lost as there are now more individuals and groups of people who are showing genuine love for the environment in general.

These people are using the same technology to show their love and care for the environment by using blogging and the internet as a platform. These web hosting supported blogs show several environmental-related content that tackles related issues around the globe. The blogs below are the list of best environmental blogs that you can follow to rediscover your love for the environment.



The world environment is going too much worst condition day by day as we use our natural recourses indiscriminately and fail to manage our waste. Our total environmental condition deteriorate in everyday life but we yet not concern ourselves for save us from different types of natural calamities and extinction of several types of animals spaces groups, it is true that only human are responsible for polluting environment, but if we have a little bit concern than it will make us positive thinker to save our environment.

Population explosion:

The first and foremost emerging problem in the world is population explosion that directly impact in our environment and every vital element of our environment such like water Tree,air & many other things . It causes poverty inflation of money, high price rate of daily commodities and creates thousands of problems which are too hard to solve us. On the other hand for being increased population growth we destroy our valuable natural resources and make a devastated impact for ourselves.

Increase of CFC”s in air:

For the lacking of Trees and forest area CFC’S are increasing day by day for this reasons worlds temperature are increasing which directly impact to melt polar ice caps and rise of sea levels which causes undergoing our firm land into the water that directly impact a negative effect on our environment .

It is true that by running or establishing an atomic project which causes huge carbon dioxide gas in our environment though it’s a beneficiary side to create huge amount of energy but it has hundreds of harmful sides yet people of the rich country run these projects rather to stop the project as a result we can easily notice the intensiveness of natural calamities at present year comparing the past year.

Waste in everywhere:

Today it’s a normal matter to through our daily waste everywhere these waste melt and pollute our environment gradually and spread out jams for this reasons our local people get sick easily. Open waste pollute our environment as well as our surroundings but everyone know about the bad effect of waste but do not take immediate steps to save their living area .

At present the real situation are so dangerous that we hardly think because not only our land area but also our vast sea level area are polluted extremely, for this reasons our sea water get polluted and produce huge amount of toxic chemicals and that chemical fall a harmful effect in our sea living species . The industrial waste mismanagement is the main responsible for this huge area pollution. If we can manage our industrial waste than we can save our sea level area as well our environment as we know sea is the big source of human food so it’s a necessary duty to save our see as much as possible.

Immense industrial growth:

As people are increasing rapidly and for that people need work place and for this reasons immense industry grow everywhere rather to think environment save .Though industry plays an important rules to rapid grow our economy but excessive industry set up run a negative impact on our environment. A proper management of industrial growth can bring us a better output in our economy and our environment.

Every government should impose a law so that industrial waste cannot get mixed in our river, cannel, and see water as water is a valuable element in our environment, on the other hand chemical produce industry should not allow near the river side area to save our environment .






From exacerbating extreme weather events to endangering our favourite foods, the effects of climate change are widespread and readily observed. This has provided scientists with a great range of data to study the phenomenon of climate change. However, information about climate change are not confined to tree rings and extraction of ice cores alone. Here is a rundown of several interesting ways scientists study climate change today:




Going green at home does not require a lot of investment, and it doesn’t consume much time either. On the contrary, choosing to incorporate green living in your home will be the best decision you could ever make when it comes to saving up both time and money. So, if you’re planning to go green, the best place to start you off is with the cleaning of your home. Below are some expert’s ideas that you need to incorporate into your home when you choose to go green when cleaning.

Use Old Newspapers to Clean Windows

Old newspapers seem to pile up over time. Using old newspapers for cleaning your windows is a totally green cleaning idea nobody ever thought of. Instead of having those old newspapers lying around and filling up your space, you can recycle them in a special way by using them to clean doors, windows, and other glasses in your home. You can also use old rugs or cotton t-shirts to do the work and save on the cost of buying paper towels. Before you throw things away, look at them one last time to see how they might be able to be recycled.

Reduce the Space

Do you have a big space in your home that you’re not really using? Do you know that the extra space is using too much energy to clean and also consuming a lot of your time? According to a study, the house sizes in the U.S. are recording steady growth with new homes consuming a lot of space with very few people living in those houses. Large houses clearly are a huge drain on environmental resources. You’ll also spend a lot of time and energy cleaning. You can reduce the size of your home and buy smaller household items to save on space. For instance, instead of filling up all the space with a huge bed, you can go for queen bed dimensions, which are space-conscious and still comfortable.

Recycle the Plastic Tins

There is nothing amusing at home when you have plastic bottles and tins thrown everywhere. Burning them is also not a good idea because they will only end up emitting a foul smell in the air polluting the environment in the process. So, the best thing to do with them is simply to recycle them into planters or kitchen containers. You can clean them then fill them with soil. Plant some herbs or even some flowers to add some aesthetic appeal to your home.

Use Homemade Cleaning Products

It is quite obvious that chemicals can cause a lot of damage to your home. Avoid the use of chemical products at your home if you want fresh and conducive air. Relieve the stress of spending money on cleaning products by simply creating homemade cleaning products at the comfort of your home. An easier way to do this is to create your cleaner by mixing water and apple cider vinegar to come up with a multipurpose cleaning product. These homemade cleaning products are healthier to the green environment and are the best non-toxic chemicals for a green home.

Clean Up the Air Inside Your House

You might be dedicated to cleaning your home and ensuring you spent time in an eco-friendly space but is the air surrounding you and your loved ones clean? You should never forget to check your cooking and heating systems and clean them at least twice a year. You need to get professional cooling and heating contractors to inspect these systems as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This will help you get rid of dust, mold, and contaminants that can contaminate the air you’re breathing. This way, you can protect your family from allergies and ensure an eco-friendly environment.

A green home attracts peaceful existence among the homeowners. So putting up eco-friendly measures as discussed above can improve your lifestyle and that of your family. And as you have seen, going green does not mean that your pocket will also get dry to achieve it. Just start with small and simple green cleaning outlined above, and you will eventually enjoy an eco-friendly environment.


This is a blog that aims to be a one-stop shop of content that tackles news on environmental sustainability and other related issues. Treehugger, after all, is a media outlet that promotes mainstream sustainability as it focuses on a wide range of environmental articles such as the best building construction materials that promote sustainability, articles about pollution, and even topics about endangered animals. If you are looking for content about sustainability and green living, then Treehugger is the blog for you.


This popular blog, which was founded in 1999, contains several news articles about the Earth’s climate and the environment. The blog site is also the best source of information about the environment as it houses thousands of articles from different authors as it also tackles topics about solutions on climate change and other environmental issues.

Seeker: Earth

This blog aims to influence people to live green by discussing the small little things that are often overlooked to make the future a greener environment. If you are looking for compact and scientific articles about the environment written by environmental science experts, then this blog fits the bill. Among the topics being discussed in this blog includes environmental conservation and living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Cleanest Line

The Cleanest Line is a blog that shows the travels of different environmental ambassadors such as Morgan Sjogrenas. The blog will show you picturesque images of their adventures as they travel to different places of the globe. Their travel will also demonstrate several individuals who are committed to taking care of the environment and fighting several environmental issues. The blog also features several writers who are sharing their own experience in taking care of Mother Earth.


If you still care for the environment and Mother Nature, the lists of blogs above are good sources of information if you’re interested in environmental topics and issues. These blogs, if followed by you, will definitely convert you into an Earth warrior in no time.


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