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Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise analysis describes the business analysis activities that takes place for organization to

  • Identify the business opportunities
  • Build their business architecture framework
  • Determine the optimum project investment path for the enterprise, including implementation of new business and technical system solutions.

During enterprise analysis activities, the business requirements for future project investment is identified and documented as a higher-level statement of the goals, objectives or needs of the enterprise. They describe such things as the reasons why a project initiated, the things that the project will achieve and the metrics which will be used to measure its success.



  • Better business alignments and strategic goals
  • Improved Planning
  • Improved decision making
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Reduced duplication of efforts
  • Improved integration of resources – people, process and tools.


Role of Business Analyst

  • Helps Identity gap between goals and present state
  • Map current to be business processes and suggests improvements
  • Design and conduct feasibility studies
  • Create frameworks to define and rank various proposals
  • Prepare high level business case

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