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Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise Analysis
The Enterprise Analysis knowledge area can be described in 5 possible approach-:


Define Business Need

Access Capability Gaps

Determine Solution Approach

Define Solution Scope

Define Business Case

The purpose of the Enterprise Analysis knowledge area is to describe the business analysis activities required to compare the needs of the business against the current capabilities of the business and identify opportunities for improvement.  The next step of the analyst would be that he can identify the solution in which the action is need to perform which will result in resolving the issue.  Furthermore outcome of it will allow the BA to understand the requirement so that  he can work on it to undergo solution assessment and enhance the knowledge to validate.   The work done during Enterprise Analysis is also helpful for long term strategic planning as it paints a picture of the current state and capabilities of the business.
Before any new project is started, analysts and business stakeholders should understand how the project goals and objectives fit into the overall direction and plan for the enterprise.  If we do not the follow the above steps it is very difficult  to complete these activities successfully hence, enterprise analysis is a vital process which should be followed to get good results.


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