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Enterprise Analysis Knowledge Area

An Enterprise Analysis arises from taking on completely different perspective on systems, system of systems, and family of systems categorized by rich connectivity and complex behaviour patterns.


  • Begin after the executive team of organisation develops strategic plans and goals.
  •     Continues until information is gathered or propose new programs and supporting projects to management for the go/no go decision.
  •      Ends after the benefits of project outcomes are measured and analyzed.

Enterprise Analysis key factors;

  1. To identify; Need – Change forces are coming from inside the organisation or outside the organisation, What is coming from inside the organisation about new product or existing product, this could be a need.

                       Problem – This need to be satisfied, where it comes from user or from stakeholder. Identify the issues.

                       Opportunity – Opportunity to be completed and look for solution and future opportunities.

  1. Nature of Solution – Give a business proposal to find the solution. Transform Business proposal to Business Case. How much capital, investment and when will be the return on investment.
  2. Justify Investment – Business proposal is a vehicle which communicates the needs, problems and opportunities of particular users, or stakeholder are handled by enterprise analysis.

Business case means a document which is justifying whether to do this investment or not , whether we do this project or not, whether it should we track or not it should be acquire company or not.

  1. Starting point for new project – Enterprise analyst give facts and figures about the business case in the meeting which give the idea about business should take forward or not. If management approves the business case then new project will born.
  2. Business Requirement – Business proposal by CEO/VP/PM to the management and management hand over’s to the Enterprise analyst. During enterprise analysis enterprise analyst job is convert business proposal in to the business case.
  3. Performed by Enterprise Analyst – Enterprise Analyst take decisions like weather I use focus group or interview to gather requirement. EA don’t give them suggestions about stakeholders, management or users but recommend them to take decisions or facilitate to take decisions.

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