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Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise Analysis:
 Enterprise Analysis is one of the business analyst activities.It comes in preproject phase 
and its a high level analysis .Mostly senior BA involved in this analysis .

Enterprise analysis includes below steps
 1.Identify & Define Business Need
 2.Access Capability Gap
 3.Define Solution Approach
 4.Define Solution Scope
 5.Perform feasibility studies
 6.Define Business Case.

A BA uses below techniques in enterprise analysis 

1.SWOT analysis
2.GAP Analysis
3.Feasibility study
4.Root Cause Analysis
5.Decision Analysis
6.Strategy Analysis

Why Enterprise Analysis is required ?

It is used mainly in product based company .It will be useful in preparing budgets and 
planning the resources , identifying risk involved and avoiding it , to identify the 
currenct process and its backlog , necessory improvement required in the processes or 
to re-engineer it and in order to identify and eliminate the factors that 
will affect the business .


This step helps BA in Identifying and defining why a change is required in an organization. 
Its is important step because if the business need is not identified properly or wrongly 
identified it will lead to project failure and proper solution we cant derive .

How to identify the needs?

Below are few techniques which are helpful to identify & define the needs
Benchmarking ,
Brainstorming ,
Business Rules Analysis ,
Focus Groups ,
Functional Decomposition ,
Root Cause Analysis .


In order to move from existing system to new system ,BA performs certain task & activities 
in order to identify the GAP between present scenario to future scenario and able to identify
the requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to move to new system .Eg :Change in
infrastructure , additional resources ,etc..

Techniques Involved ::Document analysis and SWOT analysis


In this step , a BA should select and finalise which solution has to be implemented based on 
above 2 steps for the business . Eg :Changing the system software / website , change the 
technology etc

Techniques Involved :Benchmarking , Brainstorming , Decision analysis, estimation, SWOTanalysis.


According to BABOK,the function of this enterprise analysis stage is “to define which new 
capabilities a project or iteration will deliver.” 

It will help all the stakeholders to understand the way how the solution will be delivered
and the tools involved to achieve this .

Techniques ::Functional decomposition ,interface analysis, scope modeling and user stories.


Feasibility study in an integral partof business transformation ,it helps to identify whether
the project can be done with particular period of time , budget , resources , technology , 
infrastructure .

Alternative solutions should also be available for proposed solution , so that while performing the feasilibilty study 
it will be easy to recommended which one will suit our company policy .


A business case will say why the project is initiated , what is the time frame & resources 
involved , who are all will be stakeholders .

Business Case will have the information necessary to support whether to go ahead with the 
decision to invest and move forward with a proposed project.

Techniques ::Decision Analysis , Estimation,Metrics and key performance indicators ,
Risk Analysis , SWOT analysis and Vendor assessment.

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