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Elicitation Techniques

Elicitation is significant as numerous partners can’t precisely verbalize the business issue. In this way, experts playing out the elicitation need to guarantee that the necessities delivered are obviously justifiable, helpful and significant.

Here are the 9 elicitation techniques defined by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge for business analysts:


  • Document Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Interface Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Observation
  • Questionnaire
  • Requirements Workshops


Documentary Analysis: It is a sort of subjective exploration where reports are checked on by the expert to survey an evaluation topic. Taking apart reports includes coding content into subjects like how center gathering or meeting records are examined.

Brainstorming: It is a gathering innovativeness strategy by which endeavors are made to discover a decision for a particular issue by get-together a rundown of thoughts precipitously contributed by its individuals

Focus Groups: It is a gathering meeting including few demographically comparative individuals. Their responses to explicit scientist offered conversation starters are considered. Focus groups are utilized in statistical surveying. The conversations can be guided or open

Interview: It is a fundamentally a coordinated conversation where one part presents requests, and different offers responses. In like way discourse, “interview” implies a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee

Interface Analysis: It is a business analysis elicitation method that assists with recognizing interfaces between arrangements/applications to decide the necessities for guaranteeing that the parts associate with each other successfully.

Prototyping: It is an early example, model, or arrival of an item worked to test an idea or interaction. It is a term utilized in an assortment of settings, including semantics, plan, hardware, and programming. A model is for the most part used to assess another plan to improve exactness by framework experts and clients.

Observation: It is the dynamic obtaining of data from an essential source. In living creatures, observation utilizes the faculties. In science, observation can likewise include the insight and recording of information through the utilization of logical instruments.

Questionnaire: It is any composed arrangement of inquiries, while a review is both the arrangement of inquiries and the way toward gathering, accumulating, and breaking down the reactions from those inquiries.

Requirements workshop: It can be characterized as an organized and worked with occasion for getting deliberately chosen partners together to find, refine, focus on, approve and examine requirements. A talented facilitator generally oversees workshop meetings.

These are the couple of Elicitation techniques which are utilized by the Business Analyst for better comprehension of the Client’s prerequisites.

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