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Do’s & Don’ts as Business Analyst

1-Every problem of Client has uniqueness, so talk to the client with a plain mind with no assumptions from your previous experience.

2-Never come to any conclusion before listening or understanding all the aspect of requirement from client, if you have a slight amount of doubt about any demand or change it’s always preferable to clear it with the client, subject matter expert, or with your team member.

3-You can take inputs from experienced people about any requirement and for that conducting meeting with them is not the only way, you can have coffee with them, have a walk, meet them sometime in between or end of the day; you can use your own creative ideas to interact with them.

4-Listen very carefully and completely to the client as well as to the end user and then ask question, don’t interrupt them in between, sometimes the solution are itself hidden in the problem.

5-Always remember to use best of your time, it’s not always compulsory or beneficial to attend the entire meeting, try to prioritise them, and always have a prior discussion with your project manager and sponsor before conducting a meeting.

6-Maximum try to extract solution from client itself.

7-Don’t be washed away by add on functionalities; just make sure to prioritize them.

8-Always try to build a repo with your senior, colleague and your team, Take care not to break confidentiality, earn their trust.

9-Make sure that you have gathered all the requirements from the stakeholder for your project , missing out any information can results to unwanted redo the work as well as delay projects and increase cost.

10-It’s better to ensure the activities of your analysis plans are synchronizing with the project manager schedule time to avoid any delay in project deliverables.

11-Sometimes non functional requirements of client are not feasible because of budget or time constraint, so it’s always better to liaison with your PM to find out what is out of scope so that all will be in the same page and avoid misunderstanding.

12-In a project, PM aim is to minimize new requirement to add in project scope, so as a BA we need to understand this and help to minimize the scope creep.

13-As a BA understand the root cause of the problem, to facilitate the solution don’t jump into the conclusion.

14-Prepare your mind to work through challenging situation to negotiate and facilitate the project to complete on time.

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