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DO’s & DON’Ts as Business Analyst:

DO’s & DON’Ts as Business Analyst:

• A BA should not be in hurry to understand the requirements.
• BA should be in empty mind with no assumption while taking the requirements from client.
• A BA never Say ‘No’ to client.
• A BA Try to extract more question from client about the requirements by applying 5W 1H technique proactively.
• A BA always try to concentrate on the important and truly required requirements by clarifying the requirements with SME (what are the requirements client provided are always not correct and feasible).
• Should not try to provide solution based on previous experience and assumptions, there is no word called as ‘By Default’ as all requirements of different client are not same.
• Always try to provide IT solution to the client.
• Should not provide solution with add on functionalities.
• A BA Try to extract the lead to solution from client itself.
• Do not imagine anything based on Graphical Screen.
• BA should not be influenced by client views or development team views.
• Listen carefully to client until they are done.
• BA should focus on “what” and “when” to develop rather than focus on “how” to develop.
• A Business Analyst should always ask open ended question and avoid close ended question.

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