Do’s and Don’ts Of Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Business analyst is a person who understand the business problems, collect the data, analyzes the data and provide suggestion to solve the problem to the stakeholders. He is the key person in the project who liaisons between client stakeholders and technical team, communication between them channels through Business analyst.

BA analyses the past data which is available and provides strategic business decision.

Do’s of Business Analyst

  • As a Business Analyst ask question to client.
  • As a Business Analyst, always Bring New ideas
  • As a Business Analyst, Be the change maker
  • As a Business Analyst, Be the problem solver
  • As a Business Analyst, Involve and get involved
  • As a Business Analyst, Be reasonable and responsible
  • As a Business Analyst, Never say no to the client
  • As a Business Analyst, Never assume or imagine about anything being a business analyst.
  • As a Business Analyst, Confirm even the very minute details.
  • Each and every communication that is made should only be through the official emails or the corporate emails.
  • Ask the client for the motto of each and every functionality
  • Requirement Elicitation: The requirement elicitation is the process of collecting information from the stake holders which needs to be done by Business Analyst
  • Creating Business Requirement Documents: Business requirement document is the document which records functional and non-functional requirements, and which consist of all the details of the project.
  • Clarify doubts of technical team: As BA is involved from the start of the project hence the BA explains details of the project to the technical team and clarifies their doubts.
  • Track the project progress: The client will as the project progress from BA hence he will be tracking the progress on daily basis and reporting to the client. Traceability matrix will be used.
  • Handles the change request: BA will analyze the change request and its effect on the project success.
  • Participates in user acceptance test: Design the test with testing team according to all the scenarios which can occur in product.


Don’ts of Business Analyst

  • As a Business Analyst, don’t make assumption.
  • As a Business Analyst, don’t Force Fit solution.
  • As a Business Analyst, don’t be a lone player.
  • As a Business Analyst, don’t Being close minded/biased
  • As a Business Analyst, don’t Being cynical
  • As a Business Analyst, don’t Be documentation centric
  • Don’t be washed away by add on functionalities; just make sure to prioritize them.
  • Never come to any conclusion before listening or understanding all the aspect of requirement from client, if you have a slight amount of doubt about any demand or change it’s always preferable to clear it with the client, subject matter expert, or with your team member.
  • Missing out any information can results to unwanted redo the work as well as delay projects and increase cost.
  • Client cannot be right always but that doesn’t mean you need to argue with the client, for that consult your SME or Project Manager.
  • Never assume the graphics. Always visit the client with a blank mind and try to put yourself in client’s shoes.

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