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Do’s And Don’ts Of Business Analyst

Do’s and Don’ts of BA


  1. Delete the word no from your memory. you can never say no the client.
  2. Client cannot be right always but that doesn’t mean you need to argue with the client, for that consult your SME or Project Manager.
  3. You should always include your Project Manager in your mails and keep resources involved in the cc.
  4. Never assume assume the graphics. Always visit the client with a blank mind and try to putt yourself in client’s shoes.
  5. A Business Analyst should know how to minimize the chances of scope creep in a project.
  6. You need to Question everything so that you get to know the client’s requirements properly.
  7. Always provide an IT solution to the client’s problem.


Tips of a BA


  • Collaborative Stakeholder Analysis
  • Synchronize Your Business Analysis Plan with the Project Schedule
  • Not All Requirements can be Captured Up Front.
  • Non-Functional Requirements vs. Project Scope
  • Help to Minimize Scope Creep
  • All Changes to Requirements Undergo Impact Analysis
  • Collaborative Prioritization of Requirements
  • Synchronize the List of Prioritized Requirements With the Vendor Selection Criteria
  • Factor in Project Manager’s Constraints and Assumptions When the Defining the Solution Scope

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