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Dos and Don’ts as Business Analyst-Points to Remember

The role of BA is very crucial in success of a project, as he is the middleman between the client and the Company. He is the person who takes up the needs of the client and provides the requirements to the IT team so that it results in a working application, to be used by the world.

And thus, to make this possible and successful as intended, BA must follow certain Dos and Don’ts throughout. Iam listing below the important points to be taken care by BA.

1)In case of any hurdle or any requirement or any points that is non achievable, before communicating that it is not possible to the client, BA should consult the SME discuss on the same and then come to a conclusion and then discuss the same with the client.

2)Based on the previous experiences in certain domains, BA should never assume requirements coming of the same domain.

3) BA should concentrate on the requirements more and make designers work on the GUI.

4)BA should question the Client on all aspects of the requirements given by the client, and not take the client words as such.

5)BA should take all leads from client itself to build the application, and BA himself should not provide solution to client problem, instead should help in getting the client a working software for the solution the client proposed.

6)BA should always focus on the most crucial and required requirements of the client.BA should not be carried away by the supplementary functionalities.

These are the key aspects the BA should focus on to deliver the needs of the Client.


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