Business Analyst:


Business analysts are responsible for working with management to improve operating procedures, reduce costs and inefficiencies, and achieve better performance. … Business Analyst will be independent of domain and technology


BA is responsible for


  • Client interaction
  • Ownership of requirement
  • Process re-engineering


DOS of a Business Analyst:

  • Confirm understanding with client
  • Always have a client interaction so that project will be on track
  • Take ownership of every requirement and be responsible for each and every requirement
  • Focus on getting solution with IT solution only
  • Always open to work on any domain and technology
  • Reach office at least 15 min prior to shift timing
  • Solve the client problem only with IT solution
  • Be like a lotus in a mud
  • Never take Tensions but pass on the tensions
  • Requirement hurried – Project buried
  • Always appreciate stakeholder even they contributed even small efforts for a project
  • Never say “NO” to client
  • There is no word called as “By Default”
  • Never imagine anything in terms of GUI
  • Consult an SME for clarifications in requirement
  • Need to conduct daily meetings with team to take updates on project
  • Always need to follow up to Email in a call and update model
  • Need to maintain individual contribution work sheet ( Time Sheet )
  • Ensure the users involvement
  • Important mails are followed up by a phone call
  • All mails should be acknowledged
  • All project mails should be copied to Project Manager
  • BA should follow the decisions taken by Project Manager
  • Need to handle Conflict Management
  • Need to communicate client requirement into UML to Developers and Testers
  • Need to clarify doubts related to functional and non-functional requirements to tester and developers
  • BA should check the change request and accordingly need to handle change requirement
  • BA should identify stakeholder and need to be documented
  • BA need to prepares BRD by interacting with client
  • Prototyping can be used by BA to make the client to give more specific requirements
  • BA need to sort the gathered requirements
  • BA need to prioritize requirements
  • BA need to validate requirements
  • BA organizes JAD Sessions

DON’TS of a Business Analyst:

  • Criticizing stake holder
  • Improper requirement gathering from client
  • Arrogant with team
  • Hurried in Requirement gathering from client
  • Imaging / guessing of requirements
  • As working in a similar project and expecting that all projects will be similar model only and working in a monotonous way
  • Delaying for updating information to client as well as to PM
  • Delaying in communicating reply to Emails
  • Do not leave Emails without follow up to respective team
  • Do not hide the tensions and last minute updates need to be avoided
  • Do not do improper planning
  • Improper coordinating with team members
  • Not having complete information about the functional and non-functional requirement
  • Expressing individual opinion without doing pre project homework
  • Very rude attitude and not holding updates of the projects

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