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Dos and Don’ts as BA

Dos and don’ts  as BA:

  •       Never say no  to client
  •       There is no word called “BY DEFAULT”
  • Never imagine anything in term of GUI
  • Question the existence of existence/Question everything in the world
  • Ex: what the client gives is not always correct
  • Consult an SME for clarifications in requirements
  • Everyone’s problem of the client is unique. No two problems with different clients are the same . Maybe the approach, technology, place of use, local laws may be varied to make them(Problems) be different
  • Go to the client with a plain mind with no assumptions. Listen carefully and completely until the client is done and then you can ask your Queries. Please do not interrupt the client, when he/she giving you the problem. maximum try to extract the leads to the solution from the client itself. Never try to give solutions to the client  itself. Never try to give solutions to the client straight away with your previous experience and assumptions .try to concentrate on the important and truly required requirements. Don’t be washed away by add on functionalities or don’t imagine solutions on-screen basis.


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