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Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is the awareness of the environment in which we work at our Office daily. These days Testing has become mandatory for every Software Application which is in market. To Test on any Software Application it is a must to have some domain knowledge so that we can understand the functionality of Software Application.

Most of the IT Companies provide Domain knowledge for Fresher by providing Training or knowledge transfer.

The domain experts are more in demand than a technical expert. When we hire fresher’s, we cannot compare with the experienced professionals.  Domain experts are experienced professionals having domain and testing experience and they have better ideas of different issues or scenarios and can help to deliver the application which is superior and faster.

Testing applications without domain knowledge is not so easy.. we test the application from our view  but the business requirements are different. So to test such applications we need extra knowledge about the domain, where we need to take extra KT sessions from experts as well as from client, so we can improve the quality of the application.

When we have sound knowledge on  functional domain , we can write and execute quality test cases and can simulate the end user actions.

  • In case of Database Testing/Back-end Testing, SQL Knowledge is mandatory.
  • In case of Software Application on UNIX Operating Environment then UNIX Operating System knowledge is Mandatory.
  • In case of Automate Software Test process (Functional Test Automation) using any Test Tool then Programming knowledge is Mandatory.
  • In case of write Test Plan, Test Cases, Collect Test Data, Report Defects, Collect Test metrics and Test Summary Report then Documentation knowledge (Ex: MS Excel, MS Word etc..) is Mandatory.

A few more popular Domain are  as follows :

  1. Finance
  2. Retail
  3. Telecom
  4. Legal
  5. Medical
  6. Hospital
  7. Sports
  8. Education
  9. Mobile










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