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Domain Knowledge

Domain Knowledge : If a person is working on any project then he/she should have extensive knowledge about the project and the client’s domain he is working on such that he gets exposed to what needs to be done and its repercussions, by which the project will be handled correctly.


In a broader sense domain knowledge is nothing but having extensive knowledge in a particular industry and/or solution.


What does industry means?


It means having knowledge on particular area of expertise of a customer For example


Understanding of how Commercial Banking works : granting loans for large or middle sized businesses, deposits and loan services for the large or middle sized businesses.


Understanding of how a manufacturing Industry works : From market analysis to designing a product, R&D of a product, designing a product, marketing a product, producing the products as per the market requirements.


What does a solution mean?


Creating a software for commercial banking : What all the modules are required to do so, meeting all the requirements.



Types of Domains :


  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Aviation
  • Telecom
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile


How to get a domain knowledge : One can get domain knowledge by working on the same domain for multiple years. Also, working on the projects that are related to an industry and the solution mixture.


Importance of Domain Knowledge : By having extensive domain knowledge one can analyze the risks of the particular project and the effect to the customer if something goes wrong. So we can do it correct the first time and also helps in unnecessary escalations from the client and to avoid re-work.


We as BA’s need to have domain knowledge so we will be in a better position to explain the importance and the risks associated with the development teams.


Why Domain experts are more in Demand ?

The people who have extensive knowledge on the domain and testing experience and have better understanding of different situations and issues they can deliver the application which is very effective and thus helps in marketability of the product.

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