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Does a BA role fits into Agile/Scrum?

In any industry,when you are trying to develop a particular product to attain the business goals of an organisation-requirements always arises.Thus,the industry have to adopt certain approach to meet their goals and standards towards the organisation.One of the most effective approach used in the industry nowadays is the Agile.
What is an Agile?
Agile is an approach/methodology that uses continuous feedback from the customers so as to deliver the working product quickly and effectively to meet the customer expectations.
Scrum is one of the type of agile methodology of developing working software in interations and receive continuoous customer feedback.This framework comprises of three roles:Product Owner,Scrum Master and Development Team.
Product owner – The product owner has responsibility for deciding what work will be done.
ScrumMaster – manages the project and the team and ensures whether deliverables are delivered on time.
Development team – The development team builds the product in an iterative manner.
But How does BA fit into this?
Business Analyst-the one who knows each and every as aspect of the company in terms of business,capable of identifying the positive and negative impacts , the one who helps the organisation to achieve its objective so as to ensure organisation is running smoothly and effectively.
Even though the BA and PO has similar activities such as defining the problem ,determine if the need is worth satisfying,Prioritizing,determining the best solution to the problem,decision making,define the context of the problem,it has the following differences:
Product Owner has a similar focus as BA but in terms of user perspective.PO has the following functionalities:
⦁ checks on what the user wants and effective way to provide business value.
⦁ Has a product vision.
⦁ Owns product on behalf of the company.
⦁ Conveys the expectations
⦁ Has the authority of accepting and rejecting what to be built and what not to.
⦁ Manages the core product features and works with BA and allots priorities to it depending on the requests from the client.
BA have an in-depth understanding of the system,analyzes the impacts and dependencies to the areas of the system.He has the following characteristics:
⦁ works closely with the PO in communicating the Product Vision
⦁ Acts as a bridge between the business stakeholders and the technical team and facilitates the conversations and negotiations
⦁ Gathers requirements by conducting elicitation techniques with the intended stakeholders.
⦁ Analyzes ,organizes and combines the different views of the stakeholders and brings all the stakeholders to a consensus about the product to be build.
⦁ Translates the business requirements into technical requirements using UML which involves wireframing,prototyping and flows
⦁ Writes User Stories and Acceptance Criteria.
⦁ facilitates the Daily scrum meeting,participates in backlog refinement and priortization.
⦁ Ensures the Development Team understands items in the Product Backlog to the level required.
⦁ Helps the Dev team to plan and improve their ways of working through retrospective.
⦁ Works with the testing team to ensure the product is working as intended and meeting the customer standards.
Thus,due to their unique skills and knowledge,Business analyst plays a vital role in the scrum process.

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