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Disparity among Business Analyst & Data Analyst

As importance of Data science has been a major factor for growing business, Data Analyst and Business Analysts holds their position as a potential driver of any organization. Few years back, role of Data Analyst & Business analyst was almost same or you can it was blur or interchangeable. Over a period of time, need of the business has changed now and you can find significant difference between the two. Although business analysts and data scientists both are focused roles, there is some dissimilarity between them.

Business Analysts analyzes data and assesses requirements from a business perspectives related to an organization overall system. On the other hand, a Data Scientist is more focused on the relationship of the data in an organization’s database. The skills of business analysts may include expertise in the implementation of particular software & hence they act as a crucial medium between the development team and the clients stakeholders. Whereas, the main task of data analysts is to collect, manipulate and analyze data. They prepare reports, which may be in the form of graphs, charts and histograms, detailing the significant result they deduce. Business Analysts is a generic role which requires skills and knowledge like Communication, Analytical thinking, Domain Knowledge, Generic technical knowledge, Problem solving skills ,Decision solving skills, Managerial skills Negotiation and Persuasion skills. Whereas, Data Analysts also needs similar skills with some additional skills like to analyze data like SQL, Data Mining, OLAP, Reports etc. Data analyst comes under roof called Business Analytics, which data warehousing, business intelligence, enterprise information management, enterprise performance management, analytic applications, monitoring and governance, risk, and compliances so, data analysis can also be part a broader profile. Business Analysts seems to be operating more on strategic roles and is generic in terms of solution design for a business problem. On the other hand, Data analyst seems to also operate on operational level constantly operating on Data to understand the problem areas, monitoring data quality, report etc.

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