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Disparity among Business Analyst & Data Analyst

A Business Analyst works with the technical team and acts as a medium of communication between the client stakeholders and technical team. He takes the ownership of project for successful project delivery. Business analyst analyse the business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirement. He is the point of contact with client and all the communication will happen through Business Analyst. He coordinates with client’s stakeholders in business language.

Business Analyst is responsible client’s interaction, process reengineering and he takes the ownership of the requirements. Also, he is responsible for gathering, documenting, modelling and communicating the requirements.

On the other hand, Data Analyst work with large data sets to identify trends, make charts and presentations for business to make decisions. They perform statistical analysis on data and provides analytics from that data. He works on huge amount of data and extracts useful information from the data which is further used to take business decisions. He structures the useful information into easy to read charts. Analysing data is Data Analyst’s end point.

These two terms Business Analyst and Data Analyst are often used interchangeably. BA and DA both works with data. The difference is Business Analysts use data to help organizations make more effective business decisions while Data analysts are more interested in gathering and analysing data for business to evaluate and use the data.

In smaller organizations, these positions may be the same and Business analyst becomes the one who involves in data or system analysis. In larger companies the roles sometimes change but Business Analyst and Data Analyst both work with data. Their skill set and sometimes their job culture or job environment is different.

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